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Welcome - Columbia / Totem Towing - Central Insurance Salvage

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About Us


Jim & Dora Jean Crenna opened the doors of Columbia Towing, with three trucks, on May 3rd, 1979.  The tow company was to be a secondary business as Columbia Auto Center had been their primary business since 1960.  Columbia's first location was 5201 Rainier Avenue South.  In September of 1979, the City of Seattle Towing & Storage contract was up for bid.   Columbia was the successful bidder and life was never the same.  A 24/7 business that provides service to a law enforcement agency as large as the Seattle Police Department takes more than just tow trucks.  It takes owners, managers and employees that work as a team.  Jim & Dora Jean put their hearts into building a very successful tow company in Southeast Seattle.  Columbia grew from three trucks and three drivers to 22 trucks and over 15 drivers by 1996.


Totem Towing was acquired in December of 1983.   Up until June of 2003,Totem was located at 7343 M. L. King Way South.  


Shortly after Totem was acquired, Central Insurance Salvage was added.  Central is a small salvage pool that sells wrecked vehicles on behalf of various insurance companies and rental car agencies.


In 1989, Jim & DJ purchased the Fox Plumbing facility at 5907 M. L. King Way South (our present location).  After 18 months of jumping through every hoop possible, a Master Use Permit was obtained from the City of Seattle and Columbia finally moved to the new location.  Our offices and storage facility are on a little over 2 acres.  Two additional storage lots are located on Rainier Avenue


Malcolm & Jackie Currie formed Silverado Enterprises, Inc. and purchased Columbia & Totem Towing from the Crenna's (Jackie's folks) on December 1, 1996Malcolm had worked for Columbia since 1983 and Jackie since 1986.   Both companies moved to the 7343 M. L. King Way S, location and remained there until 2003 when Seattle Housing / Sound Transit purchased the property.  When we returned to the 5907 location, we added Central Insurance Salvage. 


We are proud members of the Towing & Recovery Association of Washington.  We take great pride in our companies and are always looking for opportunities to show you that Service is Truly Our Specialty.    



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