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Welcome - Columbia / Totem Towing - Central Insurance Salvage

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Pete has been with us since June of 1988 when Jim & Dora Jean Crenna owned the companies.  He was working at a local gas station when Columbia opened its doors in 1979 and had to wait until he met our insurance companies minimum age before he could drive for us.  Pete, like Bob continued when Malcolm & Jackie bought the companies. 


Ron is our elusive driver.....  he's not too thrilled about having his picture taken.  We had to catch him when he was getting ready to unload a vehicle and was't paying attention.  Ron's been with us since October of 1991. 


Tired of Towing........  That's an understatement.  Here's Malcolm (co-owner) trying to escape while parking a salvage motorcycle.  Malcolm's been with Columbia since May 3rd of 1983.  Amazing, It's been 28 years!!!   Malcolm and Jackie celebrated Silverado's 14th anniversary December 1st of 2010.



Angie - Last October Angie "jumped ship" and moved to Iowa to be near her family. It was hard on all of us to see Angie go after 11 years but we are very happy that she is close to the people who mean so much to her.  With the help of Facebook and our 800# we are able to stay in contact.  We all wish Angie and Mark the very best.

Kristi - Kristi works Wednesday - Sunday.  She dispatches for both Columbia and Totem and works with Central Insurance Salvage.  Picture to follow.

Jackie I started working for my folks on February 17th of 1986 as a part time employee.  Part time turned into full time and here I am 25 years later.  Time flies when you're having fun!!!!



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